Mosaic Tiles

Certain designs are always in style and mosaic tiles have been popular for thousands of years, but why is this?

Mosaic tiles were first popularised by the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Romans, so you only have to look at the amazing remnants of their society to understand how much they valued aesthetics. And the inimitable style of mosaic tiles has resisted endless changes in fashion to remain just as popular today as they ever were.

Let’s take a look at exactly what you need to know about mosaic tiles.

What are the Benefits of Mosaic Tiles?

You may be wondering what the benefits of mosaic tiles are and, believe me, there are plenty such as:

  • Wide Range of Materials: Available in glass, ceramic or even organic mosaic materials, there’s a mosaic tile available with the finish and design that is right for your project.
  • Highly Versatile: Mosaic tiles can be used to design the truly unique patterns that your creativity wants to unleash. And, thanks to the variety of colours available, you can ensure that these unique patterns are incredibly eye catching.
  • Durable Material: Ceramic mosaic tiles originate from rocks and pebbles and, therefore, have a durability that is difficult to source elsewhere; this durable quality allows them to deliver long lasting visual results.
  • Easy to Clean: Mosaic tiles fashioned from glass are non-porous, so this means that cleaning them is incredibly easy and prevents the risk of mould and mildew building up in humid environments such as kitchens.

The benefits are clear to see, but where exactly should you be using mosaic tiles?

Where Are Mosaic Tiles Used?

As we’ve already discussed, mosaic tiles are highly versatile and this is why they’re perfect for a wide range of projects. In particular, the natural texture of mosaic tiles gives them fantastic anti-slip properties and is the driving factor behind them being popular for bathroom designs. The soothing natural colours of mosaic tiles also provide a relaxing spa-like atmosphere to give bathrooms a touch of luxury.

Glass tiles provide much less protection against slips, but their enhanced cleanliness ensures that they should be your go-to option for kitchen environments such as splashbacks and centrepiece designs. Not only can glass mosaic tiles be wiped down easily and quickly, but they also imbue any setting with a touch of luxury and class that is unmatched by other materials.

You’re probably starting to get an idea of how and where you can use mosaic tiles, so the next step is sourcing the right tiles for your needs.

Sourcing Mosaic Tiles

The two main options for sourcing commercial mosaic tiles are:

  • Off the Shelf: Off the shelf mosaic tiles are available as individual tiles or already installed onto mesh based sheets. A wide range of colours and patterns are available and should suit the majority of projects.
  • Bespoke: If you’re going for a truly unique and unmatched aesthetic, then commissioning a tile manufacturer to create a bespoke range of tiles is the answer. Naturally, this is more expensive than mass produced mosaic tiles available off the shelf, but the finished product will guarantee that your project stands out on its own.

Mosaic tiles represent a fantastic tiling option and have the potential to truly transform any commercial project from something ordinary into something quite extraordinary, so there’s no better time to embrace them.

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