Founded in 2012 with a vision to establish themselves as the UK’s preferred architectural and design specification suppliers and consultants, SRK UK today possesses the expertise and experience to manage end-to-end operations for property developers, main contractors and other property professionals, from piling to facades, ceramic to porcelain, and much more.

The Journey

SRK began its journey in the construction industry and quickly gained a wealth of knowledge of the global supply chain business. This understanding enabled them to have the unique ability to source innumerable specialized products from across the globe.

After an extremely successful run in this sector, the company felt the time was ripe for further specialization. The natural choice was the flooring industry. Using their sourcing expertise, SRK began to import natural stones and tiles from Europe and around the globe to directly service all sorts of construction projects in the London area and later adding bathrooms and other specialist construction products.

SRK continued to go from strength to strength, becoming an industry-leading supplier of porcelain, ceramic, stones, and bathroom products.

Even as SRK evolves and improves constantly, some things remain the same, though - it continues to remain the vibrant, hungry company it was at its inception, eager to deliver the best in quality and cost to its customers.

UK’s Preferred Sourcing Partner

Today, SRK UK is the preferred sourcing partner for customers across the industry and we achieve this by repeatedly exceeding customer expectations in quality, delivery and cost. A commitment to continuous learning and improvement based on feedback from our customers is part of business-as-usual at SRK.

A Strong Foundation of Knowledge

Our extensive product knowledge means we can ensure all materials sourced are practical and suitable, without ever having to compromise on aesthetics. All the products we supply meet all European and UK building regulations and standards.

A Vast Network of Relationships

Due to their extensive experience in the sourcing industry, SRK has one of the largest portfolios of contacts in the UK, Europe and far-eastern markets. Their network boasts names from across Europe, Asia, and Africa and is continually growing as we expand into new territories. This allows them to leverage both:


  •  their wealth of expertise to provide guidance and support across numerous areas of construction, including tiles, natural stones and bathroom products, and
  • the strong relationships with suppliers that enable the company to access the highest quality materials with a turnaround time of just a few days.

Versatility that Can Meet All Your Needs

SRK prides itself on its ability to see a project through from initial concept to final construction. The company’s vast experience in all areas of the construction industry enables them to manage the supply of materials from beginning to end.


Also, SRK can today use its factory contacts to produce completely unique, bespoke products to any specification. The company can truly cater to any and all product requirements.

Ahead-of-the-Curve Thinking

At SRK, we make sure we learn from the best. Always in attendance at key trade shows worldwide, SRK is always ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding and implementing important new technologies and can identify new trends in the market before their competitors.

Making It Happen - Every Single Time

Last but far from least, with our can-do attitude and perseverance towards everything we do, we make sure our customers get the best results, each and every time.